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Kevlar Consumer Goods

Kevlar is a para-aramid that is known the world over for its use in bullet and stab-resistant vests. In addition to this well-known use, Kevlar is used in many applications, including household ones. Here are some common ways that Kevlar are used in more common consumer applications. Electronics Kevlar is sometimes used as a component material …

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High Performance Specialty Sewing Threads

Specialty sewing threads exist in a number of materials, including meta-aramids, para-aramids, steel, and Vectran. Types of Specialty Sewing Threads: Aramid Sewing Thread: Para-aramid sewing thread: Para-aramid sewing threads have significant temperature resistance benefits over sewing threads made from traditional materials like cotton, wool, polyester, or nylon. At the same time, para-aramids can provide significantly …

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Carbon Fibre in Space

Carbon fibre composites are used in many ways in spacecraft; they are used on launch vehicles, Martian probes, satellites, and re-entry vehicles. Rockets themselves are incredibly sensitive to weight; consider that 94 tonnes of propellant are required in a SpaceX rocket to lift 22 tonnes to low Earth orbit, or to send just 4 tonnes …

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Yarn Suppliers UK

The Number 1 Yarn Supplier UK – SageZander Yarn Suppliers UK SageZander is a wholesale yarn supplier in the UK. We serve a wide range of global clients through our base in the historic textile town of Congleton, Cheshire.  We specialise in supplying a range of products to our clientele in the UK, Europe, and …

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Heat Resistant Yarns: All You Need to Know

Heat resistant yarns have many uses, from high-temperature fabric filters to sewing threads for firefighter suits. Wherever high temperatures and fabrics interact, you’re going to need heat resistant yarns. There are several well-known brands of heat-resistant yarns, like Nomex, Kevlar, Vectran, and Trevira, along with more out-of-the-box yarns like those made from Basalt rock fibre. …

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