Kureha Carbon and PVDF

Kureha is a leading diversified chemical products manufacturer with innovative products borne out of their technological expertise across numerous sectors. Headquartered in Japan it is specialised in growth areas in advanced products for numerous industrial sectors including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and high barrier packaging materials.

We work with Kureha offering their advanced materials in pitch based carbon fibre and PVDF polymer to UK customers. We can break the items down into 3 specific areas. Please click on the images to go to the product areas:

Carbon Fibre Products in fibre, yarn, paper, felt and rigidised felt.

Kureha Carbon Product Range

Activated Carbon Beads (BAC) for water purification and de-odourising treatments

Kureha BAC Activated Carbon Fibre Beads

PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) KF Polymer for applications where chemical and heat resistance are sought

KF Polymer Products