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SageZander LTD is a Yarn Wholesale UK Supplier, with global links serving a wide range of industrial customers from our UK offices. We are always looking to establish new co-operations that can generate new business or create business synergies.

We are warehousing high tenacity yarns in polyester and nylon. These yarns are suitable for all sorts of textile manufacture such as weaving, braiding, knitting or other processes. We sell a variety of speciality yarn materials for use in textile and composite applications, including low melt temperature yarns, antistatic yarns, and so on.

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“Serving our customers with their needs at the heart of our operations.”

Types Of Wholesale Yarn

Here at SageZander, we are suppliers of spun yarn, mainly working in 2 areas:

  1. Technical: There are different types of spinning methods, and the type of fiber used depends on the desired properties, such as heat resistance, filtration, etc.
  2. Other Weaving and Knitting End Uses. We have upholstery yarns with good durability and flame retardant characteristics. Weaving yarns with strong environmental credentials and articles suitable for knitting.

We compliment the above with high strength sewing threads for protective clothing and the possibility to twist together both continuous filament yarns and spun yarns.

We offer Formosa’s Tairyfil brand carbon fibre yarn in Scandinavia, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Belgium. Other carbon fibre applications, such as filament winding and pultrusion, can be critical areas for novel applications in the ever-growing composite fields.

Gubbio Range of yarns manufactured by Tintoria Sala and supplied by SageZander - yarn wholesale uk - wholesale yarn supplier uk

Who We Work With

SageZander is a supplier of Tairyfil Carbon fibre yarn, and our staff works closely with the Taiwanese manufacturing facility to connect European consumers with the manufacturer. The Carbon fiber is suitable for pultrusion, filament winding, etc. Our stocks are available to support new customer sampling and regular deliveries.

The SageZander team works with Kureha GmbH by supporting their carbon fibre products division (ie. vacuum furnace insulation materials and other carbon products) and PVDF polyvinylidene Fluoride polymer business in KF polymer. 

Our team also works with partners producing insulating materials and polymers. This collaboration allows us to examine an all-round view of the markets which we serve.

Range of Colourful high temperature spools of yarn supplied by SageZander - yarn wholesale UK

Wholesale Sewing Supplies UK

SageZander are the number one, leading Wholesale Sewing yarn supplier in the UK, Europe, and the Rest of the World. Our extensive range of products enables us to be adaptive and versatile, as well as provide a customized product tailored to your specific requirements. In addition, our EU office, Zanderire Ltd, was established in 2019. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to our EU clients.

Through this commitment and fantastic customer service, we ensure our customers needs are met at all times. Whether it is polyester yarn, materials for cotton yarn, materials for wool yarn, Kevlar yarn, water-soluble yarn, or anything else, SageZander can assist.

Why Choose SageZander as Your Wholesale Yarn Supplier

SageZander LTD is a wholesale company with global links serving a wide range of industrial customers from our UK offices. We are always looking to establish new co-operations that can generate new business or create business synergies.

Our highly skilled and qualified team provide the delivery of High Quality Technical Products & High Quality Yarns across the UK and Europe. SageZander supplies a wide range of products including Tairyfil Carbon fibre yarn, Tintoria SalaTAY and more!

When you work with SageZander, we always ensure that you are receiving yarns and technical products to the highest standards and at the best wholesale prices. SageZander is connected with many U.K. and European industrial and technical textile and composite industry processors. Hearing from fresh suppliers searching for someone to sell their products and position new advancements into areas where we can help is always exciting to us.

If you have any enquiries about using Sagezander as your Wholesale Yarn Supplier, then please contact us by giving us a call or drop us an email. We are always happy to try and help you solve your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

SageZander supplies our Yarns all over the World. Get in touch today and we can talk about your Yarn needs. 

Our head offices are located in Cheshire, in the heart of the U.K, however, we supply all our Yarns across Europe and the World. 

We offer supply of technical Yarns as well as weaving and knitting yarns. We hold a wide range of products which include; Carbon Fibre, Polyester, Filidea Spun Yarn, Low Melt Yarns, High Temperature Yarns, Kevlar Yarn, as well as many more. 

All our products can be viewed here

SageZander are the UK’s leading Wholesale Yarn Supplier and we supply businesses across the UK and Europe.

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