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Zanderlon Water Soluble Yarn with SageZander

Are you seeking yarn that is water soluble and of the highest quality? The Zanderlon Water Soluble Yarn with SageZander may just be what you are looking for!

SageZander has Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) water soluble yarn available from stock as Zanderlon® ‘Dissolver’. The yarn dissolves in water and is suitable for knitted items as a separating thread or can be used with other cotton yarns as a support thread to give more processing strength before being washed away.

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Easily Dissolvable Yarn

Traditionally  in the manufacturing process of socks, they have used water soluble yarn knitting a few courses in between each sock to produce a continuous length of fabric. This continuous length of fabric would then be dyed or wet finished and the water soluble yarn would dissolve in the dyebath.

This separates the socks which would then be sent for toe closing (rosso process) and boarding before final packing. The same principle can be used in many knitted fabric structures where the supporting water soluble yarns manufactured can be removed after it has done it’s job in the fabric.

In the case of knitting on circular jersey machinery some creative effect pile fabrics can be created where the PVA water soluble yarn can be used to tie in other yarns during knitting or alternatively can be used, creating areas in the fabric that become holes after the scouring process where the yarn is removed. The low temperature of dissolution means that delicate yarns in the fabric do not need to be subjected to high temperatures to dissolve the PVA element of the fabric.

Other applications include sanitary and laundry bags where these can be sewn using PVA water soluble yarn enabling the bags to open out during the washing process

We focus on two main qualities which we usually have ready in stock ready to give you a quick service and we usually supply by the box.

High quality soluble Zanderlon Socks made with water Soluble Yarn - SageZander Yarn Supplier

Zanderlon® 150





Count Nm

Nm 68/1

Nm 68/2

Count Ne

Ne 40/1

Ne 40/2

Weight of a carton

12 Kilos

12 kilos 

Weight of a cone

0.5 kilos each

1 kilo each

Processing Water Soluble Yarn

In most conditions Zanderlon® water soluble yarn will dissolve in hot water at 40 Degrees centigrade and then follow the dry spinning method. Take note of the following points which can influence this:

  1. Pay attention to the ratio goods: water (more water means quicker dis-solution)
  2. Be mindful of the circulation of the water as more flow means faster dis-solution
  3. The fabric structure will also affect the dis-solution time and temperature (looser fabric is best)
  4. Take notice of the water quality (alkalinity, etc)
  5. Please test each lot being processed carefully for best results.
  6. The customer is responsible for checking the raw material in advance of starting production.
  7. Check the processing conditions and test each new lot of yarn introduced into the process.

Storing Water Soluble Yarn

Do not expose Zanderlon® PVA water soluble yarn to humidity, and keep the box sealed when not in use and in a cool and dark place. This product should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated room to prevent the yarn from getting wet and avoid exposure to the sun and rain.

Chemistry of Zanderlon PVA Water Soluble Yarn

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is created from dissolving polyvinyl acetate PVac in an alcohol and then treating it with an alkaline catalyst. This reaction has the effect of removing the acetate groups but maintains the vital long chain structure. The resulting hydrophilic PVA is not soluble in most solvents but highly soluble in water. It has no odour and is non toxic.

History of PVA water soluble yarns

The historic industry standard for water soluble PVA yarn has been the Solvron® continuous filament produced by Nitivy in Japan. This product is still the most suitable product where fine count yarns with good strength are needed.

Prior to PVA yarns becoming available customers tried to work with yarns based on Alginate (coming from seaweed). There seems to be a lot of work done with alginate in the 1940s and 1950s looking at Alginate, especially with regard to applications also in medical textiles. It should be noted that work in alginate yarns continues today again in medical areas.

The spun yarns in water soluble PVA have been developed within the last 20 years as spinning technology and the availability of PVA water soluble fibres has been progressed.

It should also be noted that PVA has many other end uses benefitting from its biodegradability and ability to take up many forms. It is used in papers, non-wovens, and as a liquid in sizings for beaming yarns. There are also new applications in 3D printing where it is dissolved after producing complex shapes in the printing process that suggest a bright future ahead.

SageZander supplies a wide range of products including Tairyfil Carbon fibre yarnTintoria SalaTAY and more. For more information on our Zanderlon Water Soluble Yarn or our other yarn products, feel free to get in touch today.

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