carbon fibre composite trains bogies skins pressure vessels hydrogen cfrp

Carbon Fibre on Trains

Rail travel is one of the most energy efficient ways to travel, but trains still using a significant amount of

carbon fibre aircraft engine cfrp carbon composite

Carbon fibre in jet engines

Which components in a jet engine use carbon fibre? The majority of a jet engine’s weight is in the “hot”

carbon fibre overhead power line aluminium conductor composite core ACCC high voltage composite reinforced conductor HVCRC low sag conductor

Carbon Fibre Power Lines Are An Efficient Choice

Carbon fibre core high voltage cables are a remarkable innovation in the field of electrical transmission. These cables incorporate advanced materials and design to offer numerous benefits over all-metal cables. With their lightweight and tensile strength advantages, carbon fibre composite core high voltage cables are a practical next step in power transmission.

Carbon Fibre Recycling

Overview of Carbon Fibre Recycling Carbon fibre is a strong, lightweight material made from thin, durable fibres of carbon. It

carbon fibre structural batteries carbon fibre filament carbon composite

Carbon fibre structural batteries

Carbon fibre structural batteries are an interesting and emerging technology which allow batteries to be integrated into structural components. They

kevlar consumer goods kevlar yarn kevlar clothing

Kevlar Consumer Goods

Kevlar is a para-aramid that is known the world over for its use in bullet and stab-resistant vests. In addition

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