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Technical Products Supplied by SageZander

KRECA Carbon lightweight fiber provided by SageZander - manufacturing companies UK

Kureha Carbon and PVDF

Kureha is a leading and diversified chemical products manufacturer with innovative products borne out of their technological expertise across numerous sectors. Headquartered in Japan, it is specialised in growth areas in advanced products for numerous industrial sectors including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and high barrier packaging materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

SageZander provides services in the UK and across Europe. Get in touch with us today to find out if we deliver to your country.

Are your yarns good quality?

SageZander provides high quality yarns. We hold stock in numerous continuous filament man-made fibre yarns & have a range of supply possibilities.

Do you have a privacy policy

Yes, SageZander is a company which you can trust with your information. We ensure that our clients’ information is kept private and secure. Read our privacy policy.


We supply a wide range of yarns including Tairyfil, Tay Yarns, Tintoria Sala and Filidea. All of these brands create high quality yarns.

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