Polyester Yarn

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We carry stock to support our clients requirements in high tenacity polyester yarn types and have both low shrink and normal shrinkage yarns starting at Dtex 78 running through Dtex 140, 225, 280, 420, 550, 830, 1100, 1670, 2200. Some counts are available in dope dyed black. We can also do dope dyed yarns in specific clients own shades with 1 tonne minimum order  quantities in various counts.

We also carry in stock some regular tenacity items such as Dtex 330 dope dyed black which is also available from stock.

We are also twisting yarns and making various yarn constructions to meet clients specific requirements

We also work with dope dyed high tenacity polyester yarns and carry a range of colours in Dtex 1100. These can be twisted or plied in flexible quantities to suit the customers needs.


Our High Tenacity Polyester Yarns are sourced both within Europe and from the Asian market. The partners that we select to buy from and work with in these markets are reliable. Please contact us for specification sheets, pricing and availability.

We can supply Dyed FR (flame retardant) continuous filament textured and flat twisted polyester yarns and regular polyester suitable for weavers in counts starting at Dtex 56 up to Dtex 900. These are suited towards upholstery, curtain label and tie weavers.

For low melt polyester and antistatic polyester yarns please see our separate webpage.