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Monofilament is a single filament of synthetic fibre. Monofilament is made by melting and mixing of various polymers. The polymer mixture is then forced out through holes which create lines of various thickness. 

 Monofilament fibre is strong enough to be useful without being twisted with other filaments into a yarn. Therefore, monofilament does not facilitate the weaving braiding of the tightest and most efficient of all woven fabrics in the textile industry.

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What is Monofilament Yarn?

Monofilament yarns may be regarded as the simplest form of yarn that is used in forming fabrics. Monofilament yarns are mostly used for making fabrics for special purposes, such as polymer or polypropylene monofilament fabrics for filtration and metal wire fabrics for architectural decoration.

Monofilament yarn consists of a single solid filament. Monofilament yarns are typically circular and solid in their cross-sections. The filament’s shape can often be altered to produce non-circular and hollow filaments. 

Monofilaments are often limited in apparel applications due to their low bulk and high bending rigidity. Hollow monofilaments are used in softer sewing thread applications, whereas elastomeric monofilaments find applications in pressure garments.

Large spools of Black Monofilament Yarn filaments supplied by SageZander - yarn wholesale UK

How we supply Monofilament Yarn

Monofilament yarn can be supplied on a cone or on a double-flanged DIN spools. Usually, the DIN spools are used for the heavier industrial grades of monofilament yarns, whereas the lighter grades used in traditional textiles are more likely to be supplied on cones. We often supply our monofilaments to the braiding industry. They will normally wind the yarn onto braider bobbins, which they then fix into position on the braiding machines.

Monofilament yarns have many uses is areas as varied as filtration, knitted spacer fabrics, braided hoses, carpet backings and fishing lines. Nylon monofilament yarns suit items such as tennis racquet strings and strimmer’s whereas polyester is used in spacer braided hoses. There are also many uses for polypropylene and polyethylene monofilament yarns, especially in agriculture.

Our Monofilament Yarn Stock

We have the following monofilament yarns available from stock:

  • 100 Polyester 0.2mm diameter monofilament (Decitex 430) on 3.4 kilos approx. DIN 250 spools RED and BLACK
  • Nylon PA6 0.3mm diameter monofilament (Dtex 800) on 3.4 kilos approx. DIN 250 spools Natural

Other yarns are available on request. Please contact us for more details and deliveries

Frequently Asked Questions

Monofilament yarn consists of a single solid filament. Monofilament yarns are usually circular and solid in cross section. The shape of the filament can be altered to produce non-circular and/or hollow filaments.

Monofilament yarn is made by melting and mixing various polymers. Monofilament yarn has varieties such as; Semi Dull, Bright Dope, Dyed Mono filaments.

Monofilament Yarn has many uses. It can be used to make sleeves that protect wires and hoses in the automotive industry. It is also used to manufacture medical supplies and create different types of apparel.

Possibly the most well known use of monofilament yarn is in fishing lines. 

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Monofilament is a single filament of synthetic fibre. Monofilament is made by melting and mixing of various polymers. 

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