Antistatic Polyester and Conductive Copper Yarn

Antistatic Polyester and Conductive Copper Yarn with SageZander

Are you seeking Antistatic Polyester and Conductive Copper yarns?  This is the ideal yarn for those applications where some ability to dissipate any electrical charge is required. Low humidity and friction are the enemies of polyester yarns, which are dry and can accumulate static build up.

Incorporating our anti-static textured polyester in can be an ideal solution to create both knitted and woven antistatic fabrics. Workwear fabrics and car interiors are areas where use of a suitable antistatic material will result in more comfort. Industrial applications include knitted and woven fabrics being used in hospitals and also for uses in filtration end uses.

The antistatic component of our yarn is contained within the polymer so it is an integral part of the yarn. Unlike an antistatic finish which has been applied to the fabric and may only perform for a number of washes, with our yarn the antistatic remains. Get in touch with us today if you are interested in our top quality yarn solutions.

Knitted and Woven Antistatic Polyester Yarn supplied by SageZander - yarn wholesale UK

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Dtex 189 Antistatic Textured Polyester

Specification Details

Product No:   TXPEA-189

Yarn Details: Textured Polyester with Antistat Nylon

Final Count Dtex 189 (Dtex 167/48 polyester and Dtex 22/2 Antistat) Comingled

Item No: TWIST 01 C Fras Antistat Components

Dtex 22/2 Antistat polyester (Denier 20/2) or Dtex 22/3 Antistat Nylon

Conductivity Ω.cm 10^5-10^6 ohms/cm

Elongation at Break 40%-50%

Strength > 2.5 cN/dtex


Supplied on angled cone

Spool of Antistatic Polyester and Conductive Copper yarn from SageZander - Yarn wholesale UK

Dtex 580 Copper/Nylon for Conductivity

This is a unique yarn especially engineered for knitting. The nylon makes the copper easy to knit on regular knitting machines.

Copper is widely regarded for its excellent conductive and anti-microbial properties with copper pots and pans having been used for cooking from ancient times. Our copper and nylon yarn contains a pure copper thread within the yarn.

Specification Details

Product No: COP/PA.580.0.G

Yarn Details: Continuous Copper Wire and Textured Nylon Dtex 580 ± 25 final count

Tenacity 2.62 – 2.78 cN/dtex

Elongation at Break 34.0 – 38.0 %

Why Choose SageZander

SageZander LTD is a wholesale yarn company with global links serving a wide range of industrial customers from our UK offices. We are always looking to establish new co-operations that can generate new business or create business synergies. Our highly skilled and qualified team provide the delivery of High Quality Technical Products & High Quality Yarns across the UK and Europe. SageZander supplies Tairyfil Carbon fibre yarn and our team works closely side by side with the manufacturing site in Taiwan linking the European customers with the producer.

The Carbon fibre yarn is suitable for pultrusion, filament winding, etc. Our stocks are available to support new customer sampling and regular deliveries. Our team provides a wide range of yarns that are suitable for all sorts of textile manufacture such as weaving, braiding and more. When you work with SageZander, we always ensure that you are receiving yarns and technical products to the highest standards.

SageZander is connected with many U.K. and European industrial and technical textile and composite industry processors. It is always of interest to us to hear from new suppliers that are looking for someone to market their products and place new developments into the markets where we can help.

If you have any enquiries about our Antistatic Polyester and Conductive Copper Yarn’s then please contact us by giving us a call or drop us an email. We are always happy to try and help you solve your queries. You can rely on the experience of our team and our business partners to look after your requirements and product development needs.

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