Low Melt Yarn

 We have 3 options

1) Dtex 110 Monofilament polyester melting at 60 deg c

(The behaviour is melts in 55-65 deg c range, starts bonding at 80 deg c)

2) Dtex 83 and 110 and filament polyester melting at 110 deg c

(The behaviour is softening at 60 deg c, starts melting at 70-80 deg c, and completely melted at 110 deg c)

3) Dtex 78 Nylon melting at 105 deg c and Dtex 110 Nylon melting at 85 deg c

In most cases, we can twist it to make bespoke bonded threads or ready to bond threads with other filament yarns in polyester or nylon or the yarns are ready to be used on their own.

End uses can be in composites where some the yarn can ‘fix’ itself to hold other component parts together.

 Sewing threads or fabric edges where the fixing/sealing sealing effect after heat is applied can be an advantage.

Can be used as a separation thread when heat is applied

Broad woven fabrics where the structure is loose woven and the yarn is used periodically warp and weft and can ‘fix’ the fabric structure

Various other technical end uses and new product developments