Yarns Supplied by SageZander

SageZander provides high performance Carbon Fibre Yarn. Our Carbon Fiber Yarn is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications and carbon fiber production methods.

SageZander provides high quality polyester twisted yarn manufacturers. Providing yarn twisting and various other yarn constructions to meet clients specific requirements. 

SageZander provides high quality Filidea spun yarn products across the UK and Europe. Filidea is specialised in producing and spinning high quality industrial fibres in a competitive way.

Offering tailor-made high-tech product with customizable low-melt yarns. SageZander low-melt yarns have considerably lower melting point temperatures than standard polyester. 

SageZander provides an excellent range of high temperature and Technical sewing threads. Our threads are available to suit various different applications, with a specialisation in high temperature resistance.

This yarn dissolves in water and is suitable for knitted items as a separating thread, or can be used with other yarns as a support thread to give more processing strength before being washed away.

Meta-aramid yarn and para-aramid yarn are suitable for filtration, protective clothing, laundry tape, etc. Meta-micro is also available in fine counts suitable for undergarment and lining fabrics coming from Filidea.

An ideal yarn for those applications where some ability to dissipate any electrical charge is required. Low humidity and friction are the enemies of polyester yarns, which are dry and can accumulate static build up.

TAY can spin specific blends in order to suit specific application areas and this is possible for some low volume business. Stretch Broken yarn can have superior properties to regular cotton spun types.

Tintoria Sala are specialist yarn dyers and spinners and are a leading company within the textile industry. Their team works together with their clients to find ideal solutions for the best outcome of any kind of fibre. 

Monofilament is a single filament of synthetic fibre. Monofilament is made by melting and mixing of various polymers. The polymer mixture is then forced out through holes which create lines of various thickness.

SageZander carries a wide range of Nylon Yarn / Polyamide Yarn stock. Providing high tenacity polyamide yarns suitable for webbings, ropes and technical woven fabrics in both natural and dope dyed colours.

ECOTEC® is a process exclusive of Marchi & Fildi which transforms pre-consumer clippings, such as production waste from weaving and knitting companies, into new beautiful, colourful yarns.

A lot of clients ask us for Kevlar® thread, coming with expectations of good cut sand abrasion resistance and high temperate resistance. They are absolutely right on these properties.                                

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

SageZander provides services in the UK and across Europe. Get in touch with us today to find out if we deliver to your country.

Are your yarns good quality?

SageZander provides high quality yarns. We hold stock in numerous continuous filament man-made fibre yarns & have a range of supply possibilities.

Do you have a privacy policy

Yes, SageZander is a company which you can trust with your information. We ensure that our clients’ information is kept private and secure. Read our privacy policy.


We supply a wide range of yarns including Tairyfil, Tay Yarns, Tintoria Sala and Filidea. All of these brands create high quality yarns.

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