Your Choice: Conductivity or Antibacterial Properties

copper fabric with Conductivity or Antibacterial Properties

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Did you know our copper/nylon yarn is not just conductive but has some very effective anti-microbial properties as well?

With a final count of Dtex 580 the yarn is suitable for knitting applications where it can be knitted in pure form to produce a final fabric with a composition percentage of 46/54 Copper/Nylon or it can be knitted or woven in a selective way in order to put the copper in the areas of the fabric that you want it.

Fabric knitted using the yarn has been tested to ISO 20743 ‘ Determination of antibacterial activity of textile products’ and shows good resistance to Staphylococcus aureus. It has also been tested to ISO 18184 and shows strong anti viral resistance.

We usually have some yarn available from our warehouse ready to support customers wishing to make trials. We also have some knitted fabric samples available if customers want to test fabric without having to get it knitted themselves in the first instance. See our web page on

Conductive and anti-static Yarns

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