Freight and Logistics It’s an Upside Down World

FREIGHT AND LOGISTICS It’s an upside down world SageZander - Yarn Supplier UK

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Freight and Logistics — It’s an Upside Down World

Freight and Logistics

The global pandemic is having significant knock on effects with the cost and availability of shipping containers. Prices have more than doubled in recent weeks and the pressure is still upwards especially on the Asian to Europe routes. Our suppliers in Asia are also finding the lack of containers mean that deliveries cannot be arranged as quickly as usual and in some cases 2-3 week delays may be experienced.

That’s already problem enough but for our UK customers facing the ‘blind’ Brexit and the dire warnings about delays at UK ports for ‘local’ shipments it means they have to be very much aware of lead times for almost everything yarn related. Deliveries between the Europe and the UK at the moment have also been experiencing delays due to various coronavirus restrictions in different countries.

We know customers cannot forecast at the moment and we are trying to ensure that we have stocks available without any breaks in supply buy buying ahead so our UK warehouse is ready to be at your service. This is, of course mainly for the filament yarns that we supply but if we can use the resources at our disposal to help with something else we are always willing to look and see how we can help.

It’s a challenging period but at some point in the near future we will look back on it! It will soon be history!

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