Industrial Yarns Update, Polyester high tenacity, Carbon fibre, Nylon, Aramid yarns and Brexit

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There are many things going on in all our worlds now. We have mentioned before the issues around freight and the massive cost escalation caused by covid and a lack of containers and shipping space. This continues and the more local deliveries are also more challenging since Brexit with extra time and patience being needed for anything moving between the UK and other parts of Europe. This still probably needs a few more weeks to iron itself. Everyone in the supply chains not to mention a plethora of new customs officers need to get accustomed to this post Brexit situation even if it doesn’t seem a very enjoyable experience. The message is ‘Allow more Time’-if you can! With regard to Tairyfil carbon fibre yarn we have a new grade suitable for the pressure vessel market with great potential in the growing market for compressed gases, especially hydrogen and green energy market. More to come on this soon. The recycled wool products from Filidea’s Ecotec® range warrant careful study by customers looking to manufacture textiles with both green credentials and good performance. Cometh the hour cometh the product. The recycled yarn theme continues with Tay’s recycled para aramid yarns. In addition, their extensive range of stretch broken yarns using virgin Twaron® and Kevlar® fibre types are well worth looking at for new applications or finding new improvements in existing products. For Twaron®  or kevlar® yarns and blended yarns we have lots of answers. Our low melt yarn stocks are at a low point currently as we are waiting for deliveries to come in following an expectedly strong selling period just before Christmas. It will be around the end of February or the beginning of March when our low melt nylon and low melt polyester yarns stocks are back up to the normal level. There is as we write this upward price pressure on synthetic yarns, particularly nylon and polyester high tenacity yarns and this is liable to show through in the coming months. On most regular items we usually have some buffer of stock so we are trying to maintain stability for our customers as long as possible, however ultimately at some point change is coming! We have stocks available in our antistatic yarn and our conductive copper yarn so sampling is easy and quick for any new projects. Our Zanderlon water soluble yarn is also readily available as are our monofilament yarns. Check the website for details and feel free to ask us more specific questions. All our suppliers continue to work as normal through this difficult period despite the pandemic hanging over us. Our office and warehouse remain open. We are here and ready to help as usual and urge everybody to take care and wish good health.

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