Why would you buy something that you know will soon disappear? We are talking water soluble yarn!

Spools of dissolvable Zanderlon Water Soluble Yarn supplied by SageZander - yarn wholesale UK

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Our Zanderlon® water soluble yarn does just that. What’s more, we have satisfied customers that buy it on a regular basis so that they can wash it away again and again. The secret is what a dissolving yarn can do for your process until the point you no longer need it.

Water soluble yarn can be used to add strength to an existing yarn by twisting, thereby enabling that yarn to be woven or knitted more easily before the soluble yarn is washed away leaving the fabric from the more delicate yarn remaining. The main application is probably luxury towels where low twist cotton can be woven using this method resulting in a soft, luxuriant textile product. However, there is no reason that luxury wools and cashmeres can’t be great candidates for this approach.

Water soluble yarn can be used in knitting so that sections can be separated after a wet process (think of a string of socks being knitted) or can be used in complex knitting structures before washing out and creating holes and gaps in the fabric for either fashion or technical reasons.

We have customers that have used our water soluble yarns in structures and then by partially dissolving the yarn (the yarn is based on PVA like PVA glue) have created sculpture like shapes.

Try and think outside the box! There might be something hidden away in your process or another way to process that might work better with our great disappearing act.

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