Zanderlon Water Soluble Yarn

Zanderlon Water Soluble yarn
Zanderlon® brand PVA Water soluble Yarn
How to seperate socks using Zanderlon® water soluble yarn made from PVA
From Yarn, to knitted fabric to separation by wet finishing

We have PVA water soluble yarn available from stock as Zanderlon® ‘Dissolver’. The yarn dissolves in water and is suitable for knitted items as a separating thread or can be used with other yarns as a support thread to give more processing strength before being washed away.

Traditionally sock manufacturers have used water soluble yarn knitting a few courses in between each sock to produce a continuous length of fabric. This continuous length of fabric would then be dyed or wet finished and the water soluble yarn would dissolve in the dyebath, thus separating the socks which would then be sent for toe closing (rosso process) and boarding before final packing. The same principle can be used in many knitted fabric structures where the water soluble supporting yarn can be removed after it has done it’s job in the fabric.

We focus on 2 main qualities which we usually have ready in stock ready to give you a quick service and we usually supply by the box

Zanderlon® 150 Zanderlon®300
Decitex 148 295
Count Nm Nm 68/1 Nm 68/2
Count Ne Ne 40/1 Ne 40/2
Weight of a carton 12 kilos 12 kilos
Weight of a cone 0.5 kilos each 1 kilo each



In most conditions Zanderlon® water soluble yarn will dissolve in water at 40 Degrees centigrade.
Please pay attention to the following points which can influence this:
Pay attention to the ratio goods: water (more water means quicker dis-solution)
Pay attention the circulation of the water as more flow means faster dis-solution
The fabric structure will also affect the dis-solution time and temperature (looser fabric is best)
Pay attention to the water quality (alkalinity, etc)
Please test each lot being processed carefully for best results.
The customer is responsible for checking the material in advance of starting production.
Check the processing conditions and test each new lot of yarn introduced into the process.

Do not expose Zanderlon® PVA water soluble yarn to humidity and keep the box sealed when not in use and in a cool and dark place